​​Material supplied to fulfill a Purchase Order (PO) with SPM must be in accordance with the quality clauses specified for each line item on the PO.



SPM 001

Quality Systems

SPM suppliers must have a Quality Management system in place that is equivalent to that described in the ISO 9001 standard. The supplier’s quality system may be subject to audit by SPM representatives, or evidence of compliance may be requested.

SPM 002

Documentation Requirements

Records of manufacturing and inspection demonstrating objective compliance with contract requirements shall be retained by the Supplier for a minimum period following completion / termination of the order. Records and materials must be identified by lot, batch or serial number, as appropriate. Unless otherwise specified on the PO, the minimum retention period is five (5) years. The Supplier agrees to supply such records to SPM upon request.

SPM 003

Material Certification

Material certificates are required in accordance with the P.O. or drawing and must accompany each shipment. Material certificates must identify the complete specification, properties and chemical composition of the material. Records and materials must be identified by lot, batch or serial number, as appropriate. A Certificate of Conformance may be used in lieu of a material cert only with prior consent from SPM.



Certificate of conformance

        Certificate of Conformance is required, in accordance with the P.O. or drawing, and must accompany each shipment.

SPM 004

Shelf Life

The Supplier shall clearly identify those items that have a specific shelf life. The date of manufacture and/or expiry date must be visibly marked on the item. Special handling or storage requirements (e.g., storage temperature) shall be clearly marked on the item, or included in accompanying documents.

SPM 005


Suppliers shall provide written certification with each shipment that the parts or services submitted are in conformance to all requirements of the P.O. The Certificate of Conformance shall include SPM's P.O. number, part number and quantity shipped. The certificate must also include the typed or printed name, signature and title of a certifying official with the supplier.

When raw stock is used to make a part, the supplier shall obtain a report from their source certifying that the material is as specified by SPM. Records and materials must be identified by lot, batch or serial number, as appropriate. A true copy of this report shall accompany all deliveries to the SPM whenever the material is used in the order.

SPM 006

Inspection & Test Reports

Each shipment should include a true copy of the acceptance inspection and test results of the lot(s) or item(s). When quantitative limits are specified, the report shall indicate the actual values obtained. Reports shall include control identity (heat, lot, serial no.) of material or item tested. An authorized representative shall validate the report by either inspection stamp or signature.

SPM 007

First Article Inspection

The supplier is to conduct a first article inspection. This includes a 100% inspection of the article ordered, plus all component parts and subassemblies used on the article. The supplier is to submit a complete report, along with the article it represents, to the attention of SPM QA. The report is to list the characteristics and requirements called out on each drawing, the method used for measuring and testing the characteristics, and the actual results obtained for the article ordered, and each component part and subassembly.

SPM 008


Measurement and test equipment used to determine conformance to requirements shall be maintained in the best possible condition and periodically calibrated to ensure accuracy. The supplier’s calibration system is to be compatible with MIL-STD-45662A or ANSI/NCSL Z-540-1.  All calibrations will be accomplished IAW manufacturer’s specifications.

SPM 009

Special Process Conformance

Special processes used by the supplier and any sub-tier to the supplier shall be approved by SPM, or the supplier shall have a system approved by SPM that controls the process and sub-tier process. SPM reserves the right to approve the use of sub-tier organizations employed by the supplier in performance of the contract. There shall be absolutely no changes in the supplier's process or the use of the sub-tier's process without written authorization from SPM's QA Department. (Examples of a special process include: CoCr Bead Coating, TI Bead Coating, Plasma Spay, Ti NSB Coating, CoCr NSB Coating, plating, soldering, welding, brazing, and heat-treating)

Flow Down to Sub-Tier Suppliers

If the supplier utilizes a sub-tier supplier for any part of this P.O., the supplier shall flow down all applicable requirements of the P.O., including key characteristics, where required.

SPM 010

Controlled Serialization Required

This item requires controlled serialization. Contact Buyer for serial number sequence


Equipment/Materials Packaging-Preservation

Unless otherwise specified, the Supplier shall take reasonable precautions to ensure that all material is protected against oxidation, corrosion, contamination, deterioration, damage and/or other elements that may adversely affect the quality and/or application of the material. Machined carbon steel should be coated with rust and oxidation preventive; precision diameters and threads should be protected, etc. The packaging shall be adequate to protect both material and container throughout manufacturing, handling, transit and storage.

SPM 012

Corrective Action Request (SCAR)

The Supplier shall respond within the period identified in the SCAR. The response shall identify the cause, action(s) taken for containment and prevention, and the effective point of the corrective action. The SCAR will reference the part number and serial number (or date of affectivity), where appropriate. All responses must be signed by the Supplier’s authorized QA Representative.

SPM 013

Source Inspection and/or SPM QA Approval

Is required prior to shipment from the Supplier's facility. Please notify the Buyer a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance of material readiness. If source inspection is to be carried out, please have production samples, manufacturing records, test/inspection records, and material certificates available for review by SPM Quality Assurance representatives

SPM 014

Drawings and Documentation

It is the responsibility of the supplier to meet all requirements of the latest issue or revision to the P.O. drawings and other applicable specifications. If needed, prior to fulfilling the P.O., the supplier shall request required drawings and documentation from SPM. The supplier shall not make any change to the design or process without first receiving written approval from SPM.

Order of precedence:

1.  P.O. / Amended P.O.

2. Engineering Requirements

3. Engineering Drawing

4. National Standard Specification

SPM 015

Resubmitted Articles

Articles rejected by SPM, and subsequently reworked and resubmitted by the supplier, shall be segregated and identified as "resubmitted” articles. The shipping documents must reference the original rejection documentation number.

SPM 016

Right of Access

The supplier shall allow our customer and regulatory authorities the right of access to facilities and records involved in the order.

SPM 017

Facility Relocation/Process Change Notification

The supplier will notify and obtain written acknowledgement from SPM of their intentions to alter their facility’s location, or an approved process. This would need to be accomplished 6 months prior to a relocation or process change-taking place.